May 30, 2016 @ 7:47 pm

May 2016: Recognizing and Resolving Conflict

May is a beautiful time of year where I phone in the month's episode and go on vacation. Some have told me these are the best of the year to which I say, thanks, thanks a lot. 

This year I am fortunate to rip off Dr. Taylor Shekell's talk entitled "The Third Party, the Fifth Achievement, the 18th Camel:  This is a subject that we face on a daily . . . no, probably hourly basis and we get really go at it( or so we think). Recognizing and Resolving Conflict. Aside from being an awesome title, Dr. Shekell does an excellent job of describing conflict management strategies and applying them to our job in the Emergency Department. So find your happy place and enjoy Dr. Shekell’s superb talk on managing conflict in the ED.

-Aaron, Jarrod and Brian
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