July 31, 2017 @ 12:03 pm

July 2017- Chronic Pain in the ED

Happy July everyone!
We thought we’d start off the new year with an exciting and high acuity condition . . . chronic pain! 
Ok, I know it’s not the sexiest thing we do in the ED but it’s incredibly important to figure out how you’re going to manage this daily issue. To say that the practice variation is broad is an understatement. Some people bleed opioids while others keep a vice grip on the script pad. Whoever you are and however you decide to practice, an evidence-based and consistent approach to chronic pain is important. We are joined this month by Dr. Howard Roemer, an EM doc who now seeks to mitigate this issue as the medical director for Cenpatico behavioral health here in Tucson. He has some interesting experience and ideas on how to help this issue and how to help us as providers in the ED. 
While listening to this discussion I encourage you to separate in your mind the  chronic pain patient from the drug seeking patient, although I admit this can be tough to do. Don’t forget to take your screen shots and read up!

The AZEMCast Team

Peer Review by Dr. Amol Desai
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