January 29, 2016 @ 8:28 pm

January 2016: 2015 AHA Guidelines - Part 3

They new year brings a new episode of AZEMCast with an entirely new focus. That’s right it’s the PEDIATRIC AHA guidelines! C'mon, you knew it was coming. 

But this time it's more than Jarrod, Brian and I jabbering on and on. Instead, we talk with Dr. Marc Berg, a pediatric intensivist and one of the co-authors of the pediatric guidelines. Marc shares with us the science, history and back story behind how these new guidelines came into being.

Our Peer Review this month is by Dr. Art Sanders who provides his own insight into resuscitation research and future. 

Next month is the Resident inservice exam prep and then I promise to get back to whatever it is we used to do before the AHA guidelines.

-Aaron, Jarrod and Brian
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