December 31, 2016 @ 12:23 pm

December 2016 - Dealing with Clinical Uncertainty - Part 1

The end of the 2016 is almost here and we are pretty sure that there will still be a 2017 tomorrow. So certain in fact that we split this episode into 2 parts. The use of MRI in the ED led to a very in depth discussion of how emergency physicians think. Specifically, how do we deal with clinical uncertainty, that cross roads you encounter multiple times per shift where you don't have a diagnosis, but you're pretty sure the patient will be ok. It's tough to learn in residency and even tougher to implement as a new attending, but over time you begin to develop your gestalt and each person develops that differently. Jarrod, Brian, Chris and I discuss our own personal opinions (shocker, I know) along with some actual evidence to help you create the mental schema that gets you through work every day. 

Our Peer Review by Drs. Clay Josephy and Mike McLaughlin was so good this time around that we will highlight it for January's episode as well as more deep thoughts by Dr. Peter Rosen. 

Happy New Year!

Aaron, Jarrod, Brian and Chris

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